The Brain Ninja

'The Brain Ninja'

What happens if you haven’t responded to “traditional” chiropractic care?
Or what if you think that chiropractic won’t work for you, because you don’t have a “back problem”?


What if your problem isn’t in your back, but it’s coming from your head,
like migraines, vertigo, ADHD / sensory issues, post-concussion trauma,
balance problems, stroke aftermath, brain fog, or autism?


What if it’s your child, whose brain and behavior isn’t quite like other kids?

Sometimes, it’s a brain problem, not a spine problem. It’s called NEUROLOGICAL DISORGANIZATION, and it means that the parts of the brain aren’t communicating with the other parts properly, or that there’s a “wiring” problem.

In kids, neurological disorganization can look like:


tactile/sensory overload

trouble sleeping

trouble swallowing

picky eating


daydreamy/ lack of focus

In adults, neurological disorganization can look like:



balance problems

chronic headaches

brain fog

poor sleep patterns


poor coordination

memory problems

Neurological disorganization can range from mildly annoying to severely disruptive to a normal lifestyle. When corrected, it can lead to AMAZING reversals in behavior and habits.

There is a specific, 5-part chiropractic sequence for identifying and correcting neurological disorganization, developed by Michel Barras. After this sequence has been completed, there a specific protocol for deepening the correction and making lasting neural changes in the brain.

Dr. Angela is one of a dozen chiropractors in North America trained for CoreLink neurological sequences.