'Sense, Move, Be Extraordinary'


As a chiropractor, I do LOW-FORCE, very gentle adjustments, using either an Integrator or my hands, holding contacts on your spine, your head and your joints (ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders….). There’s no high-intensity twisting or cracking.

Why? Because I honor your body’s ability to correct and adjust your defensive patterns, without “slamming it into place.”

Your brain and body are very SMART about injuries and pain. Your brain is wired to look for threats and danger. It will ALWAYS create changes and responses that will protect you from harm. Sometimes, though, in an effort to protect you, your brain will get stuck on repeat, like a song you can’t shake.

And though the danger and trauma is over, your brain and body still hold those old patterns.

Have you ever rolled your ankle …. and then done it again ….. and again …. and again…? It’s not because your ankle is weak. It’s because your brain has a fuzzy “map” of where your ankle really is, because it still thinks your ankle is hurt.

So I’ll help your brain correctly SENSE where your ankle (or any chronic injury) is, then will help you correctly MOVE your spine or joint, so you can BE EXTRAORDINARY.

What if your pain isn’t from a physical injury or threat? 
What if you have debilitating headaches, or vertigo, or chronic illness, like fibromyalgia or fatigue? 
What about the effects of constant stress on your brain and body? 
What about brain “conditions” like ADHD and “mom brain”?

I analyze all of that, too. I guarantee that no chiropractor has ever evaluated you from such a complete NEURAL perspective before.

I have tools and experience and training from a brain-based neural background. With you, I’ll study your posture patterns, your movement, your gait, your “handedness”, your learning styles, your history and patterns of chronic injuries, your balance, your vision, your sleep patterns, and your stress triggers.




Why? Because you have EXTRAORDINARY potential. Let’s unlock it.