Introducing Dr Angela Hall

Dr. Angela Hall

Like most moms I know, I wear many different hats, go by many names and have many roles in my daily life:

  • Angela
  • Music/theatre/soccer Mom
  • Neural Girl
  • Word Nerd
  • Ex-science teacher
  • Runner
  • Owner of the world’s cutest dogs
  • Bibliophile (see “word nerd”, above)
  • Collector of Joy
  • Writer
  • Oh, and Chiropractor.




BS, Science / Secondary Education

 MA, Education

 Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern College of Chiropractic

 Graston Technique certified

 RockTape Functional Movement Training Certified

 CPE, Certified Posture Expert, American Posture Institute

 CPN, Certified Posture Neurologist, American Posture Institute

Introducing Dr Angela Hall: Woman with a non-stop fascination with the brain.

I have a zealous commitment to learn new and better ways to keep fear and stress from hijacking YOUR brain and body, so that you can sense, move, and be EXTRAORDINARY.